Menu Themes Engine

Menu Themes Engine
Menu Themes Engine

This script replaces the default menu and thus will likely not be compatible with other scripts that do the same.

What this script offers:

  • Image controlled menu scenes (including moving backgrounds)
  • ‘Themes’ allow you to customize the look of the menu and change it during game
  • Other scenes can change with the theme (eg. item, equip, custom scenes, etc.)
  • Customisable menu commands (icons, visibility switches, order, vocab and methods for scripters)
  • Animated (sliding) commands
  • Help window for selected command
  • Information bar with gold, current location and play time
  • Modified actor status to include exp and tp (for actors with preserve tp feature)

How to Use
1. Place script under Materials and above Main.
2. Copy the /Graphics/GMenu/ folder from the demo into your project (Feel free to remove Theme_Fire as this is only an example)
3. Read script instructions and settings to learn how to customize the menu to your liking (There’s a lot!).

Get it here >


180 thoughts on “Menu Themes Engine

  1. anavn1 says:

    First of this script is really nice
    second how do you create an event from the menu were you can select for it with character it will select example stat upgrade script call
    Third when you add a lot of common events it looks really strange maybe allow scrolling down for that.
    forth were do you get your art as the background is really cool an the invader one was nice to. can I use it even if I do no use the script ?
    You might want to update your terms as it is very funny

    • Galv says:

      You’re quick I haven’t even finished updating the site with this script hehe.
      1. Thanks
      2. I don’t know what you mean there but sounds like you need to have some scripting knowledge.
      3. Sorry, there won’t be scrolling. Too many menu commands won’t look nice so I don’t recommend using the main menu for that.
      4. The backgrounds are all from the RTP so you can use them if you purchased VX Ace

  2. I have purchased ACE but gives me the error Theme_Default/background does not exist or something along those lines… when I try and open the menu.

    • Galv says:

      The script requires graphics from the demo. I added some instructions to this page to try to stop confusion and I’ll also add them here:

      1. Place script under Materials and above Main.
      2. Copy the /Graphics/GMenu/ folder from the demo into your project (Feel free to remove Theme_Fire as this is only an example)
      3. Read script instructions and settings to learn how to customize the menu to your liking (There’s a lot!).

  3. Peter Gambino says:

    Hi, I’m having a hard time finding the demo, can someone help?

  4. Darangen says:

    I’m having a hard time with switches for the switch 1 and switch 2 option.

    I put in two custom common events, and they work fine, but when I try to set them to hide with a switch the menu hides “Save” and “Game End” instead.

    Any thoughts?

    • Galv says:

      Hmm, I cannot replicate this issue. Please check you didn’t put the switch id’s in the save and end game lines and you don’t have save and end game code in your other lines. Perhaps paste your command list code here for me to look it

      • Darangen says:

        [“Items”, :cmd, :Scene_Item, 0, 0, “View or use items from your inventory.”,270],
        [“Skills”, :sel, :Scene_Skill, 0, 0, “View or use character skills.”,112],
        [“Upgrade”, :cmd, 3, 2, 0, “Upgrades Skills for stronger results.”,8262],
        [“Equip”, :sel, :Scene_Equip, 0, 0, “Equip your characters with weapons and armor.”,170],
        [“Status”, :sel, :Scene_Status, 0, 0, “View status of your characters.”,117],
        [“Party”, :sel, :Formation, 0, 0, “Change your character order.”,121],
        [“Crystallis”,:cmd, 2, 3, 0, “Modifies Skills with extra abilities.”,342],
        [“Save”, :cmd, :Scene_Save, 0, 0, “Record your game progress.”,224],
        [“Game End”, :cmd, :Scene_End, 0, 0, “End or restart the game.”,6],

      • Darangen says:

        I set it up for now just to disable the menus, but when I change it to switch 2 instead of switch 1, Save and Game End disappear instead.

      • Galv says:

        Okay, total oversight on my part. I’ve updated to 1.3, hopefully I haven’t broken something else haha. Let me know if any issues.

      • Darangen says:

        Works great :) Thanks!

      • Darangen says:

        Actually, now it seems when something is hidden the menu’s go to the wrong scene. Hiding the “Upgrade” scene from the list above now causes Status to open up the Equip menu, etc.

      • Galv says:

        And I thought I tested it thoroughly.
        Looks like I missed a spot to do when using a ‘select actor’ menu link. Please try again 1.4.

        Thanks for your help with finding these bugs

      • Darangen says:

        Everything seems to check out here! Thanks!

  5. Galv says:

    Actually get version 1.5… I missed fixing the help text with this issue… oops haha.

  6. Mizuki says:

    How can you remove example 2 ?
    help please …

    • Galv says:

      At the top of the script is all the settings. Find where it has
      And under that is a list of your menu commands. Delete the line that has “Example2” in it.

  7. Sai says:

    I have some questions…
    1) Is it possible to remove the bottom part (money, Test Map, etc), or at least leave just the money? If so, how do I remove it?
    2) On the party list on the right, is it possible to edit it so that there’s no image, only the name, lvl, HP and MP are displayed?
    What I want to accomplish is something like this, and your script is the closest thing I could find…:

    • Galv says:

      It’s possible, but you will require scripting knowledge to modify it as the script itself doesn’t have settings for those things.

      • Sai says:

        I’ve managed to make some progress, but the only thing that I’m not able to accomplish would be the right part of the image that I have. I’ve just started learning about this stuff (barely able to make a scene), so I consider myself a complete noob.

  8. Josh says:

    Im having a hard time trying to get this script to work for me.
    I was just wondering if someone could help me when this error appears:
    Script ‘DataManager’ line 83: NameError occurred.
    uninitialized constant DataManager::Game_Temp

    Please help?
    (I also have little knowledge of scripting)

  9. Farland says:

    why game menu will delay of 2 seconds?

    • Galv says:

      It’s graphically intensive so slower processors have a delay. Killozapit – Cache Back script helps this. Get it from the demo.

  10. Josh says:

    Is this script for RPGMaker VX or RPGMaker VX Ace?

  11. Josh says:

    Ok thanks
    That link you gave me realy helped
    Thanks a lot :)

  12. Farland says:

    TP display can be up to 200↑?

  13. toheka1brian says:

    Hey Galv I’m having trouble adding a custom Menu command. I’m using Atelier’s Rgss Bestiary script and I’m Trying to use a common event to the call script when you select the command. In the Common Event I have

    and I’ll get this error message

    Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 1411: NameError occured
    uninitialized constant Game_interpreter::MOG_Monster_Book

    any ideas?

  14. chan says:

    Wow, this is absolutely amazing :O!
    Though it appears it isn’t really compatible with your menu layout. Would you consider making it so?

  15. toheka1brian says:

    Hey Galv sorry to bother you again, but I have another question if you can help. I notice the Bestiary windows don’t follow the theme of the menu layout. Is there anyway to sort uniform everything?
    I tried seeing if there a set-up process I missed to get everything to match. I got the background image to work, but the windows are still the default VX Ace windows.

  16. Mike says:

    Where did you get the images from? I would like to find some that are similar for my other custom scene menus.

  17. Hey, Galv, I’m trying to add a Side Quest function and I’m using this menu script, how can I add this function into your menu. I’m using this script:,45127.0.html

    • Galv says:

      In that quest script settings make it:
      MENU_ACCESS = false

      In the Menu Themes Engine, add to your COMMAND LIST:
      [“Quests”, :cmd, :Scene_Quest, 0, 0, “Text”, 224],

  18. TheBurningBreath666 says:

    How can I use my Options in this Menu? I’m using this Script:

  19. YoS says:

    Thank you for the script! Though if I may ask,
    I have the Quest Journal from Modern Algebra and I was wondering how I would input it into the them to make it an available option in my menu?

    • Galv says:

      Do a Ctrl+F search in his script for ‘class Scene_’ to find the scene name. Then copy the command line for item and use whatever that Scene_Name is instead

  20. LL910 says:

    Hello, so I followed your directions and set up the script! So I pressed the play button and I received this error:

    Script ‘Menu Theme Engine’ line 1079: SyntaxError occured.

    unexpected $end, expecting keyword_end
    end #Sprite_MenuBtn < Sprite_Base

    Sorry that I couldn't solve the problem myself

  21. oriceles says:

    Galv by any chance this works with your manu layout script?

  22. Hey Galv , i was just wondering if it was possible to add a sub-menu feature to this awesome script? like the menu in “star ocean the last hope” if u’v ever played that game :P

    Huge fan of your work btw , your mapping has been a huge inspiration for me and iam using a bunch of your scripts lol, keep up the good work!

  23. David Knight says:

    Hi Galv. I wanted you to do me a big favor. You could make a script compatibility MOG Hunter cursor, or make a cursor compatible with the “menu themes engine”? Why not MOG cursor moves from the main menu, when I select the Options, is always at the top of the menu = [
    Please give it meets the request =] thanks!

  24. David Knight says:

    Oh another thing! I want to ask you a favor simple: just to change the position of the debuff icons on the menu, to let them aligned horizontally out instead of vertical. A to position him to leave already moved below the “LV”, i could not change the position to align horizontally, always gets debuffs aligning vertically rising. Thank you =]

  25. Galv says:

    Sorry, David – I’m too busy lately to make the compatibility change or do any personalization changes for people. Hope you understand.

  26. David Knight says:

    Yes of course =]. When you can, at least to change the position of the icons of debuffs, to align them horizontally, can advise? If I can not get it too =].

  27. Eric Ygdr says:

    I keep getting script galvs menu themes engline line 268: TypeError occurred. can’t convert nil into string. I put the graphics folder from the demo into mine, but Im so lost.

  28. Hey, Galv, I’m trying to add party script of YANFLY
    how can I add this function into your menu

    • Galv says:

      [“Party”, :cmd, :Scene_Party, 0, 0, “Change party.”,270],

      I haven’t tested this but try adding that to the menu theme engine command list code.

      You will also need to change in Yanfly’s script the setting:
      ENABLE_MENU = false

  29. Hey there! I love it, works great, thank you.
    I have one question though. I have a script that allows me to have a bestiary section in my menu, and in knowing I would have to mess about to make those example command menu options to be customized in what I need, I did just that. Unfortunately, I get this error:

    Script ‘Menu Script’ line 892: NameError occured.

    uninitialized constant Kernel::Bestiary

    I’m not well-endowed in the talents of scripting, so I would appreciate any feedback! This is a great script, and i would love to use it, it’s already worked great so far.

  30. Galv says:

    Can you please link me to the script that is causing the problem and I shall have a look.

  31. Tiago Mercês says:

    Galvs, good night.

    I am amateur in the field of scripts, but nevertheless, with the instructions that are in it, unable to set it up perfectly.

    However, I’m having problems when changing the switch …

    “[” Items “: cmd: Scene_Item, 0, 0,” See what items you have in your inventory, “1022.]”

    What is the command to be placed on an event, to change those keys? is calling a script? or putting in a comment?

    and what command @ _ @?

    Repeating. ‘m Noob.

    • Galv says:

      I don’t understand what you are asking.

      • Tiago Mercês says:

        Okay, my english is bad. =)

        see: In line says:
        [“Items”: cmd: Scene_Item, 0, 0, “See what items you have in your inventory.”, 1022]

        Until then, it’s all right.

        If I make the change, even in the script, the switch1 “0” to “1”, the menu item will be grayed out.
        If I make the change of switch2, still in the script, from “0” to “1”, the item will disappear from the menu.

        Until then, it’s all right.

        However, I would like to create an event, and this event, during the game, making the change that switch1 and switch2 (0 -> 1).

        such as “$ game_system.Menu_Disable” or “$ game_system.save_Disable” or “ (Scene_Party).”

        How do I block iten menu (or withdraw) in the middle of the game for a call? what command?
        Could understand?

      • Galv says:

        The numbers you set there refer to in-game switches. So you use ‘Control Switches’ event command and turn on/off the switch number you set.

  32. Tiago Mercês says:


    Now I could understand it!
    The control is done by controlling the normal switch, the menu of events! I set in the Switch command to be used online, and through the event I control!

    I imagined that there was a command line for it to be done! (as mentioned earlier ex-Gmenu.Switch_Iten = $ 1) {What Amateur thought this … xD}

    I’m too stupid XD ( LOL)

    Thanks man! This script will help me a lot!

    You the man! = D

  33. Anthony says:

    How did you get the pics like “book” become a background where you can see the stars through? I want to use the “sword” pick but I can’t see the starts.

  34. Anthony says:

    Ok. Thanks :) Btw, I’m also using your Magic Shards script which I love, but the the Orb back and shard_locked area are see through. When I attached it through the menu.

  35. Anthony says:

    Fixed it. For some reason the Dispose looked like this;
    @shard_images.each { |s| s.dispose3737726 if s }
    @shard_images = []
    @shards_active.each { |s| s.dispose if s }
    @shards_active = []
    I must of hit my key pad when reading through the script. I don’t think they were originally there, when I loaded your script. Thanks for are your help. :)

  36. yudzster says:

    Heya Galv loved your script, one question though,

    how do you get to show the current and max hp/mp on the menu ?

    when im using mine it was seems to be cut off on the edge as shown in the screenshot:

    Appreciate the help :D

    only scripts i used are yanflys equip/menu related stuff and message script

  37. culai03 says:

    Is there a way to make it so the more characters there are, the more it shows on the screen?

  38. XPhater says:

    I’m using a bunch of Yanfly scripts, but I think we can assume it’s Yanfly’s Party System causing me grief. When I try to bring a Reserve character into the Formation, they switch spots but stay in Reserve. It doesn’t matter where I place this script, it always breaks the Formation function.

    Just to be sure, I ran it in a clean project and it works exactly as I expected it to work.

    Has anyone else had issues with the Formation command when using Yanfly scripts? I’d really like to use this. Here’s a link to the Party System in question:

    • XPhater says:

      With a little finangling of the core base scripts, I’ve been able to pretty much make Yanfly’s Party Manager obsolete. 5 member party, 50% Reserve EXP rate, even inadvertently found where to preserve an actor’s xp when changing class. The only thing I haven’t found is where to split XP between active party members (less actors in active party would get more xp apiece if you travel with less than full capacity party).

      Overall Happiness Rating is around 90% now.

  39. Tiago Mercês says:

    Hello again Galvs.
    1) You are still producing Scripts? or just giving support to existing? (I have some ideas in mind)

    2) I recently saw an interesting script, which extended the kind of “MP” (Rage, Energy, etc. .. – now-here /), it would be possible to create a pach compatibility for “Galvs menu theme engine”? Or, if so, create a similar system which is compatible with?

  40. bloodyliao says:

    Hi! Love that menu! And I wanna play BGM in menus, not only main menu, but also other scenes(equipment, skill, status…), how to modify this?

  41. Squilava14 says:

    Sorry,but when i try to open the menu,it crash and says
    “Script ‘Menu’ line 268: TypeError occurred.
    can’t convert nil into String”
    What should i do?

  42. margaret says:

    Is that possible to add Guest window in this script?

  43. YoS says:

    Hello, there seems to be a compatibility issue when using your script with Khas Awesome Light Effects. I get this error:

    “Script ‘Cache Back’ line 239: RGSSError occurred.

    disposed bitmap”

    Line 239 is: bitmap = cache_clone

    when I leave an area of the map or open the menu twice. Here is the section where the error occurs:

    alias_method :cache_clone, :clone
    def clone
    bitmap = cache_clone
    bitmap.cached = false
    bitmap.keep_cached = false

    is there a way to fix it, or am I going to have to use one of the other?

  44. Brandon says:

    Hey Im using Yanfly’s Ace Core Engine script to increase my screen resolution to 640 x 480. In the Char status screen i wanted to bring that white line that separates information right above the char description down so it doesn’t cover my additional items I’ve added for equipment. I’ve looked over and over throughout your script but can’t find out how to edit it. I would really appreciate the help because I would like to keep your awesome menu script for my game.

    • Galv says:

      I’m not sure what you are referring to but this script doesn’t control equipment scene – it only modifies the main menu and adds backgrounds from the theme to other scenes you specify.

      You’ll need to change separate script I think to edit the equipment screen

      • Brandon says:

        Sorry if that sounded a little confusing. I’m using Yanfly’s Ace Equip Engine to add additional equipment slots to each char. In the “char status info screen” there are two grey lines that seperate information. One is just under the char portrait and the other is underneathe the char’s stats and equipment. The char description txt below the second grey line is running over my “additional” equipment slots. I just want to adjust the line and bring it down lower so my char’s description txt does not cover their equipment.

        I thought your script had control over all of the screen layouts, but if there’s nothing you can do about this just let me know and I guess I’ll try and find another solution. Just trying my hardest to keep your menu theme with Yanfly’s equipment script because they’re both pretty great.

        Thanks in advance

      • Galv says:

        I’m not sure what lines you are talking about, still, I would need to see it.

        Both scripts should work fine together, the only thing this script should do is enable you to put background images into yanfly’s scene script.

        I recommend asking in a forum and posting screenshots of your problem

  45. Flicky says:

    hey, everything worked perfectly fine here. i even modded it for suiting my needs and everything went well… great script man!
    buuuut i was wondering. there’s a way i can ad an sliding animation whereas i scroll down to the remaining members of the party?

    eg. 3 guys are being shown as default. when i scroll down to the 4th, a sliding animation pushes these 3 up and pulls the 4th. just to visual appeal. how would i implement that?

    • Galv says:

      That would require a change to the script and how the actor menu worked. Unfortunately I’m super busy so can’t do any requests

      • Flicky says:

        i see, so do you know any other scripts that work specifically with this sort of animation target (menu items) i cant seem to find something of the sort anywhere. i could code it myself but i dont know even where to begin. thanks in advance

      • Galv says:

        I’ve never seen that functionality in a script, sorry. Would be a neat addon

      • Flicky says:

        well, no problem thinking logically its a kind of complex to execute feature…. if i ever achieve that, i’ll let you know.
        thanks for your time

      • Galv says:

        It’s definitely possible. I have ideas on how I’d do it but unfortunately no time :(

  46. Mashuzu says:

    Hi! I’ve got a problem, whenever I tried to access the menu, I get this error:
    Script ‘Galv’s Menu Themes’ line 269: TypeError occurred.
    can’t convert nil into String

    How do I fix this? Also, I’ve tried it using with the “Modern Algebra Quest Log” and this is what I did:
    [“Quest”, :cmd, :Scene_Quest, 0, 0, “Check your quests.”, 0],

    I’ve tried removing the script and testing the menu and it works fine so it’s safe to say that the quest journal is the problem.
    Please help btw, here’s the link to the script of the quest journal:

  47. mashuzuu says:

    Hi Galv it’s me again, I’m wondering, how do I remove the background from the menu and how do I make it stop moving? I’ve made the movement [0,0] but it was still moving and I’ve tried decreasing the opacity of the theme but it didn’t work. Btw, I’m using my own theme.

  48. Tezren says:

    ok so im having a problem with the script
    i get an error with line 268
    cant convert nil into string?

    • Galv says:

      If you have another script that adds commands to the menu, usually they have a setting to make them not add commands. Add them via menu themes instead.

      Remember to start a new game when adding scripts, too.

  49. Paitlord says:

    how can i add my questlog in this script?

  50. Paitlord says:

    Thank you :D
    Really great :)

  51. Yukina says:

    Hi, I’ve done what you said by copy and pasting the folder of GMenu into my own project, but when I playtest and open the menu, it still says:

    Unable to find:


    But when I go back and open the GMenu and Theme folder in my project, Background is there. So I have no idea why it’s doing this.

    • Galv says:

      That file isn’t there if it’s telling you it’s not there. Check the names of your folders and that they are correct in your project.

  52. Anuhazi says:

    Awesome script Galv, thank you very much.

    Is there a script call I can use to remove the theme and revert back to the original plain window skin?

  53. Brian says:

    Hey Galv just a quick question. I noticed that when I add a custom window such as a bestiary, using common events, that when you cancel it exits out of the menu instead of returning to the main menu. Is there anyway to fix this? Thanks in advance

  54. TheBurningBreath666 says:

    How can I use my Questlog in this Menu? I’m using this Script:

    • Galv says:

      Sorry, I’m not downloading that. You need to add the questlog’s scene name. You’ll have to find what it is… perhaps search the script for text ‘Scene_’ and hopefully the scripter named the scene Scene_Something. Then add it in the menu script using the other commands as an example.

      • TheBurningBreath666 says:

        Script custom Menu line 1003: TypeError occurred.
        no implicit conversion from nil to integer

        Why dont you download it? Can i send you the script in a other way its a big script?!
        I cant find a Scene_Something

      • Galv says:

        I recommend asking this in an rpgmaker forum – if you ask there you can paste the script for people.

  55. TheBurningBreath666 says:

    Can you give me a link, where i can send you the script?
    I want this questlog so much in this menu!

  56. TheBurningBreath666 says:

    I have test an another script, monsterbook works, but questlog not, why?

    Script custom Menu line 1003: TypeError occurred.
    no implicit conversion from nil to integer

  57. TheBurningBreath666 says:

    How can I Change the Background from this Monsterbook menu? I want the same as in the Options menu:

  58. Rica says:

    Hey! I love your Script, but i have a question:
    Is it possible to change these “reserved” in the backround of the characters you aren’t use in battle right now?

    If yes, i’m to stupid to find it.

  59. skysenshi says:

    Hoping for an MV version of this script. I love this theme engine. <3

  60. isaiah says:

    How would i go about adding custom commands to this script from other scripts such as galvs magic shards script. because i can’t access some things from the menu that I need to

    • Galv says:

      Not sure what you mean. If you have other scripts that have settings to add command to the menu, turn those settings to false. Then you need to add them manually in the Menu Theme Engine script command list.

      • isaiah says:

        And how would i go about doing that?

      • isaiah says:

        Nvm i fixed it
        But now i’m having another problem:
        Script ‘Galv’s Menu Themes Engine’ line 1001: TypeError occurred.

        no implicit conversion from nil to integer
        If you could help that would be great

  61. Galv says:

    The fix for this is the same as I stated above. If you have other plugins that add a command to the menu – most of them have a script setting saying that can be changed to add to the menu or not. You need to turn them all off and add the commands via the Menu Theme Engine script else it will error like that.

  62. SakuraMiya says:

    This script is very useful, but how do I put custom commands for the Menu Options?

    By the way, the command I’m trying to put is Atelier RGSS’s Picture Gallery.

    • Galv says:

      You need to find the scene name in the script to use. Search through the code for Scene_ and look for something related to picture gallery

  63. bartman901 says:

    Hey, the script is really great but… I just got a problem with custom menu’s command. Well, I’m using Skill Upgrade by Dekita (Something like skill tree) and I get this error when I chose that command:
    If you want to know how I scripted it:
    [“Skill Tree”, :sel,, 0, 0, “Open the skill tree where you can distribute your SP points.”,3099],

  64. bartman901 says:

    Hey, it’s me again. Sorry for bothering you again. I just found a new great script for a quest journal…and I just get problem from the start. That script is pretty old (From 2012) and doesn’t have any Scene_ calls. The way to trigger it is just to put any other menu scripts above this one. That what I get when I open the menu: Anyway, script that I’m using is there: If you won’t know how to fix that I will just try to find another script with quest log. Thanks for any help.

  65. Nick says:

    Hello. I absolutely love this script. just a quick question. Can i change the size of the image so that it covers the main “box” as you can call it

    • Galv says:

      If it’s not in the plugin settings then I likely didn’t code what you’re trying to do in, sorry.

      • Nick says:

        Pardon me, I just want to rephrase my question because it did sound confusing. Can I change the size of the face graphic of the actor so that it fills up a certain part of the menu?

      • Galv says:

        I don’t think I coded it with the ability to do that, sorry. It uses the normal face graphics and their size.

  66. Shytoad says:

    Do you have any plans to make a plugin like this in RPG Maker MV?

    • Galv says:

      Not unless I get a lot more support from the community. Not having much support means I don’t really have time to spend on larger/more time consuming plugin creations.

  67. Allen says:

    Hi, this script is pretty cool. But im just interested in a way to use common events in the vx ace default menu.
    I searched but the most accurate script that i found was this, but im not looking for the theme

  68. Simone says:

    A version for RPG MAKER MV?!?

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