Move Route Extras

Move Route Extras

This script was written to fill some gaps in the move route commands.
Script commands used in move routes (for events and player) to:
– Jump to x,y coordinates on the map
– Jump to an event’s or player’s current location
– Jump forward x number of tiles
– Move toward an event
– Move away from an event
– Turn toward an event
– Turn self switches on and off
– Change charset to any pose without that ‘visible turning frame’
– Fade in or out with one command
– Repeat commands x number of times
– Change priority level (above, same, below player)
– Wait a random amount of frames
– Play animation/balloon
– Activate another event (as if player pressed action button)
– Move randomly only on specified regions

Get it here >


41 thoughts on “Move Route Extras

  1. Marcos Luna says:

    Wow! I was expecting for this since a long time,thanks you very much Galv.

    • Galv says:

      Added a couple more things to it. Will be adding more if I think of anything that could be handy

      • Marcos Luna says:

        Thanks Galv,just a little question… It is possible to make some changes to the pathfinding? For example,when a event reaches a corner of the map,it gets stuck in the same place. It is not a matter of your script,but the default. Excuse me for my bad English and good luck in your project. Pd: Your game looks amazing.

      • Galv says:

        I have seen a pathfinding script someone else wrote before, I think that would be your best bet. This script doesn’t do pathfinding I’m afraid.

  2. Johnny says:

    It’s a great script but,
    I keep getting No Method Occured with line 230 of that script
    when i use ‘move event towards event(id)’.

    Do you know why?


  3. Galv says:

    If that’s the code you are putting in, then it’s the wrong code. You need to use:
    where id is the event’s id (a number)

    Download the demo if you are not sure. It has a lot of examples. Check their autonomous move routes for the code that was used.

  4. Johnny says:

    What i notice is that the ‘move_toward_event(id)’ only works with npcs, but it doesn’t work with player.

    Like, if you use “move_toward_event(id)” under ‘player; in the move route command, it gives an error.
    But when you use “move_toward_event(id)” under ‘event id’,
    it works fine.

    Do you know why?


  5. Galv says:

    Make sure you:
    1. Make sure the script is below Materials and above Main
    2. You start a new game (do not load a save file that was made prior to adding the script.)
    2. The script isn’t conflicting with another (make a copy of your project then remove them one by one and test each time to see if it works)

    I don’t see a reason for it to not work. What error does it give?

  6. Johnny says:

    It says, “Script”Galve Move Route Extras”:line236.NoMethodOccured.
    undefined method ‘>’ for nil:NilClass.”

    I think its conflicting with other scripts of mines. Because if I start a new game, it works.

    I guess I’ll figure something else myself.

    Thanks a lot though!

    • Galv says:

      No it’s not conflicting – you NEED to start a new game else you’ll get that crash.
      Step 1. Click “playtest” button in the editor
      Step 2. Go to “New Game”

      If you go to “Continue” and then load a game that you saved prior to adding the script, it WILL give that crash.

  7. Hi Galv,
    I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me how to use the script call in an actual script call outside of the set move route?

    how I currently have it is:
    this gives me an error

    Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 1411: SyntaxError occurred.

    unexpected tLBRACK, expecting ‘)’
    (eval):3: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting #end

    I assume it’s simply because I’m not using the correct syntax. Thanks in advance!
    – Seita

    • Galv says:

      Your code works fine for me. No idea why you’re getting syntax error…

      • thanks Galv, It was because of the script window, it cut off my code between events and [6] instead of at the . for the method call =___=

        Anyway I’m having some difficulties with the move_toward_event call, but perhaps I’ll make a topic on the rmw forum for it instead since it seems much more involved. Thanks!

  8. Yin says:

    Is there a way to tell exactly what pose the event/player is on. EX. if event is on frame 2 of direction 4

    • Galv says:

      Yeah, where would you want to use it? If inside a move route you can reference them using:

      If outside a move route you might have to add a reader for pattern I think

  9. Yin says:

    Ok, I think I got it, thanks :)

  10. Lukas says:

    Hi Galv is there a way to move event when You don’t see it?
    Im trying, changing code and still not working… Im using it for “moving” from fading rocks… that are rolling to hero…. Is there a way to move them ? they move only down =.=

    • Galv says:

      Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean…

      • Lukas says:

        Sorry for my bad english Was I was trying to say:
        In my game my char is climbing a wall and then when he active the “event touch” which activate switch which is “falling” from the top of the map…. It’s got reapet route with moving down but… the fading rock is not moving…only when the “game screen” is near it the event starts to falling…

      • Galv says:

        This is default behavior of RPGMaker VX Ace to prevent lag. You’ll need a different script to change that behavior, this one doesn’t

  11. Max says:

    I really love this scrpit but ever when i want to set a move route for the player character through an event, it prints “error in line 525”

    • Galv says:

      My script only has 288 lines in it. When asking for script help please provide the entire error (which would contain which script) and also exactly what you were doing (for example is it only a certain move command?).

      Also a list of error trapping ideas:

      One in particular – did you start a new game after adding the script? Or load a saved test game file that was made before it.

  12. Hi Galv – Your script is amazing and providing so much more options for my cutscenes and events I ever thought possible. One snag I have run into is when my event completes the main actor appears to have his legs frozen!!

    Whilst this looks hilarious I cannot get the walking or stepping animation for him to turn back on. I have tried using script call and RPG’s own move route tooIs to tell the animation for walking/stepping to restart. I have also experimented with using your script to call ‘people1: x,x,x’ as the actors charset before the event ends, using RPG makers own tools to tell the script to change actor1’s charset but to no joy. Is there something I am missing? I apologise in advance if it is glaringly obvious.

  13. Silentdarkness says:

    Getting a crash from this script, i’m afraid. Trying to utilize the
    move_towards_event call, I get the following error:

    Script ‘Game_Character’ line 180: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method ‘move_towards_event’ for #

    I’m doing a new game, and I KNOW the script has been placed properly. Using the following scripts:

    Yanfly Engine Ace Scripts
    Infective States
    Custom Event Triggers
    Tile Swap

    Here’s a picture of my event page.

    What now?

  14. Mireneye says:

    A bit late to the party! First I want to congratulate you on an amazing script! Have been immensily useful in my project.

    Secondly a request. Any possebility of extending this so an event always moves towards the player/another event but only within a certain region?

    Event A moves towards player but will not take 1 step outside of the region he is in.

    I’m using an ABS system, it would be really useful for certain things.

    Thank you!

  15. SuperflySamurai says:

    Something weird’s going on dude…
    Like, alls I want is for this NPC character to turn and face his dog wherever it runs to on random.
    The script is clearly working because he’s turning to face SOMETHING… just not the dog.
    I’ve put the right event number in but it doesn’t seem to recognise it as the right one?

    • Galv says:

      I’ve just done a test to make sure there wasn’t a bug and works fine for me from all angles.

      I would need to be able to see your setup in order to help.

      Checking for script compatibility would be good, too

  16. Lukas says:

    Hi Galv Im using Your script move route extras and I have problem when Im using command move_toward_xy($game_varables[19],$game_varables[20])

    by Custom move route with repeat option the game crashes with error:
    Script “Game_Character’ line 180: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘[]’ for nil:NilClass

  17. Dangime says:

    I’m using the move to event location command to move events that look like ships across the ocean. Is there a way to make moving events with this avoid either land (or vice versa?)

  18. Lukas says:

    Hi Galv thanks for fast answer I found other problem when I changed the line :)

  19. Lukas says:

    Hi Galv, Yes Im doing it as a Move Route. Im using Khass Abs battle system But I dont know it is a problem.

  20. Amyrakunejo says:

    First off, I raise my wine glass to you for this script.

    This makes certain issues a Hell of a lot easier; I can have ONE event Autorun at the end of my game and have ALL the Treasure Chest events turn off all their Self Switches, rather than have a Parallel Process for each Treasure Chest event be activated by a ‘Bonus’ Switch to do the same (I don’t want to have issues with PP’s crashing the game when the player finally reaches the end so this is very helpful).

    This definitely is helpful for the whole ‘Behavior Pose’ issue where the one character changes to another pose but goes through what I call the ‘Irrelevancy Process’ first.

    But mostly, the demo you made is hilarious; I had quite a good laugh from watching it.

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