Superman Ability

This script allows the player to fly like superman with the press of a button (if a switch is on).
– Doesn’t takeoff/land in the same spot like airship, can still move while descending/ascending.
– Changes the player’s graphic and adds a shadow under him.
– Set if you can activate events while flying or not.
– If you set it so you can, you can use ‘script’ in conditional branches to check if flying or not.

If your game will use followers:
Get it here >

If your game won’t:
Get it here >


13 thoughts on “Superman Ability

  1. Laercio says:

    Hey Galv’s I tried to use the timer while flying like a limit time, but while flying the timer doesn’t start to count down. am I doing something wrong?

    • Galv says:

      It shouldn’t have anything to do with the timer. I just did some tests and the timer works fine with it… I think you are doing something wrong in your eventing or perhaps another script is causing it?

      • Laercio says:

        Okay I made it work. it was an script I was using that changed the timer image. Thanks

  2. Fenshri says:

    Hi Galv! Do you know of a way to add a sound effect to take off? Or allow a specified bgm to play only while you are in flight? This is a wonderful script, by the way. Thank you!

  3. Miriam Mück says:

    Hello first of it’s a great script, I searched for a script to make pegasus fly and your script do well. :)
    But I got some questions about that:

    1. If I use these two scripts everything works fine:$game_player.force_land, $game_player.force_takeoff
    But it ignores the notetag at my actor.

    2. I notetaged my character with and an other not. If I press “A” on the keyboard nothing happend. I added a “Parallel Process” who enables “Switch 100” which I used for that script.
    I also made a “_fly” data. The Requirements are still true. But I can’t fly that way at all.

    The last is a little suggestion, is it possible to limit the flying zone on “regions” or “Terrain Tags”?

    The only script that effects the character set itself is that:,46822.0.html

    But I tried it on a clean Project to, I hope you can help me with my problem, because I really need that script for “Snowdrop’s Journey”. Thank you in advance. (\s/)

    • Galv says:

      1. Not sure what your question was there?
      2. That sounds like a bug.
      3. That would require me to add more to the script

      I’m currently very busy at the moment so I cannot do any requests. The bug I will try to look into when I have some time

      • Cheeky Moon says:

        1. I meant I used the notetag on one character and an other didn’t had it, but both could fly.

        And sure, take your time. I don’t have allways time too. :) (\s/)

  4. This script is great, thank you very much for making it available!

    Similarly to Miriam, I’d also love to see limiting by specific terrain tags made into a customisable function. I imagine since your comment about being busy was barely a month ago, you still have a lot going on, so don’t let this comment bother you. :D I just figured I’d state my interest in the same function too.

    In the meantime, thanks again for this script, works beautifully and really adds to gameplay. :D

  5. Brian T. says:

    Your script works great in Ace!
    Any chance you plan to make a version for MV? I’m updating a project I made in Ace, and would love to incorporate a plugin with the same functionality.
    Thanks for all you do!

    • Galv says:

      It’s on my to-do list! Which is super long, so much to do. But I’ll get to it :)
      I’ve had a couple of requests for this one so I will try to make it soon

  6. Dream says:

    Hello Galv, are you open for commissions? I would love to commision a plugin version of this script for MV. Thank you!

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