Galv Is Too Busy

“Too Busy” – A term used to express to someone that you cannot use your time in the manner they wish because you are currently using it in other ways.

You’ve probably been directed to this page because you have asked me to do something for you, completely free of charge and in my own time, but I am currently too busy.
I probably told you I was too busy but you kept pressing me to help. By continuing to pressure me into working for you for free, you believe that my time is worth nothing and that your project is more important than my life. If you think me and my time are worthless, what makes you think I would spend it on you?

Something you may not know is: Many people PM me in forums, message me on Facebook or comment on my script blog asking for help… every single day
You’re not the only one. I get loads of people asking me to write them scripts, modify my scripts for their personal needs, teach them to script, help them with their rpgmaker issues… all for free. While I try to help people where I can, sometimes I am just too busy and can’t even look at what they need help with.

You might be under the impression that I am obligated to do your small task and you think I won’t even notice the time spent on it. But think about it… if 12 people per day had quick 10 minute things they needed help with… that’s 2 hours each day of free work. It adds up and I have my own life and projects, so please don’t get offended if I don’t do free stuff for you.

“Okay Galv, I understand you are busy and don’t have time to edit your script to do what I want… could you instead just teach me how to edit it instead?”

I get this question a LOT. Teaching you how to edit a script to make it do what you want would take LONGER than just doing it myself. I’d have to work out how to edit it, test to see if it worked and then tell you how I did it. So… No, sorry. Being too busy also includes too busy to spend time teaching.

“Galv, you’re so mean and not helping me edit your script… I’m not going to use any of your scripts in my game!”

I get this a lot, too. I released these scripts online to help the community. I let people use them for free. I don’t know why people think it will hurt me in some way if you don’t use them. It won’t – if you don’t want to use them, then there are plenty of other options out there for you.

In summary… I made this page to send all the people that keep harassing me to help them. I hope it helps you understand my position why I cannot help everyone who asks. Ask in one of the many rpgmaker forums and someone who is not busy might be able to assist. Thank you.

Good luck on your projects.

4 thoughts on “Galv Is Too Busy

  1. Suvo says:

    Thank you so much Galv…By using your scripts, my project became a master-piece…

  2. Josue says:

    Tks for your time. I love your work. Bye

  3. itsMiatch says:

    I applaud.
    Also at least one of those responses sounds like a typical problem-customer ordeal. Good on you for telling it to them short and simple.

  4. Archlvt says:

    I use all sorts of your plugins on my project and I’m always browsing for ways to improve it, but as incredible as your work is, none of your plugins have brought me as much joy as reading this page has. I work in the tech industry and this page is solid, f’in gold. 10/10 would read again.

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